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    Heather Lang


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    Roxie Li, a petite hound

    Row, a petite kitty

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Matthew Wilson | W. Jack Savage

Matt Dennison | Christopher Woods

William Doreski | Resident Artist Letisia Cruz

Kyle Hemmings | Ira Joel Haber

James Croal Jackson | Resident Artist Letisia Cruz

Judith Lloyd | Paola Tavoletti

Patricia Wentzel | Paola Tavoletti

Philip Kobylarz | Alexandra Momin

H. L. Hix | Ursula Xanthe Young

Sarah Den Boer | Resident Artist Letisia Cruz

Renée Ashley | Ira Joel Haber

Judith Lloyd | Laura Spreitzer

Dan Stockman | Natalie Vilter

Kelly Nelson | Tim Staley

Mariana Romero | Resident Artist Letisia Cruz

Andy Fogle | Graham Franciose

Karina Borowicz | Resident Artist Letisia Cruz | Michael Cassera

Sarah Hulyk Maxwell  | Hiram Ramos | Michael Cassera

Sarah J. Sloat |Tazio Ruffilo

Can't decide which issues to purchase?


In addition to our art-quality paper & canvas prints, we're celebrating year one of Petite Hound Press with a handstamped and handbound 49-page year-one lookbook!                                  


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PLEASE NOTE: Because of the handstamped & handbound

nature of these lookbooks, no two stamps nor seals will be alike.   




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