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Founded in 2005, the mission of >> BROADSIDED PRESS << is to put literature and art on the streets. Each month, we publish an original collaboration between a writer and visual artist. Anyone is invited to download (free!), print, and then post these letter-sized pdfs in their communities. Broadsides are out on the streets, and we hope that they compel all kinds of people to stop, read, consider and continue into an expanded day. #singlepoemissues

>> TUESDAY; AN ART PROJECT << is a biannual, unbound, entirely letterpress-printed journal of poetry, photographs, and prose dedicated to publishing a diversity of voice and vision. A truly unique publication, each issue of Tuesday is thoughtfully packaged and hand-folded.  The thickness, texture, and autonomy of each unbound page prompts an intimate and lasting relationship between reader and poem, viewer and image. We believe strongly in the works we publish; so the pages we print them on are designed, both aesthetically and structurally, to last. #singlepoemissues

>> ARCHITRAVE << represents a different kind of periodical literature: poems printed as individual pages that allow readers to curate their own collection in the same way that music lovers create playlists. It also allows the poem to move more freely through the world, maybe as an item for a bulletin board, as a postcard to a friend, as a bookmark, as raw material for collage… whatever the reader is inspired to do. These aren't typical book pages cut from their bindings. Each page is printed on 5 ½" x 8" archival card stock using antique letterpress methods. We do this for several reasons: digital age readers have many choices, so any physically printed material must be special; poetry itself is special and deserves an elegant vehicle; and most of all, we want to catch the eyes of intelligent, artful readers who don't yet realize there is poetry in the world they enjoy. 


>> HOOT REVIEW << is a literary magazine on a postcard. We're a tiny, monthly, zest-infused non-profit journal that marries poetry and prose under 150 words with art specifically created to showcase the piece. We believe in combining the aesthetic of the Internet's attention span with the nostalgic quality of receiving actual mail. 

>> WRITERLY STATES << is a documentary series / living archive exploring the world of working writers. All interviews by Jen Werner.

>> ICARUS DOWN REVIEW << is a big believer in everyone having a place to be read. Founded with the hopes of providing a place for long-form writers to feel welcome to share their work - novels, novellas, series, and anthologies alike! - Icarus Down Review is a monthly online publication that runs on the fuel of dreams, sheer willpower, and about $20. Their debut publication is due at the end of January.

>> THE LITERARY REVIEW << of Fairleigh Dickinson University has been publishing fiction, poetry, essays and translations for over half a century. They believe in literature as art. They believe that everyone is international. They believe in the slush pile. They believe that print is not dead, and that e-books are books too.

Write your story. Perform someone else’s. >> No, YOU Tell It! (NYTI) << is a “switched-up” storytelling series dedicated to performing true-life tales with a twist: each NYTI participant develops their own story on the page and then flips scripts with a partner to present each other’s story on stage. No, YOU Tell It! blends the collaborative process of creative writing workshops with the intimacy and immediacy of theatrical performance to create a charged evening of personal stories. For more info and to listen to our podcast visit www.noyoutellit.com

Viva Las Vegas Lit!

>> WITNESS << blends the features of a literary and an issue-oriented magazine to highlight the role of the modern writer as witness to his or her times. Launched in Detroit in 1987, the magazine is best known for showcasing work that defines its historical moment; special issues have focused on political oppression, religion, the natural world, crime, aging, civil rights, love, ethnic America, and exile. The issues “New Nature Writing,” “The Sixties,” “Sports in America,” and “The Best of Witness, 1987 – 2004” eventually appeared as university press anthologies.


In 2007, Witness moved to the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The magazine now publishes one special print issue and two general online issues each year and increasingly seeks out work that contextualizes the American experience by highlighting issues of global concern.

>> THE WRITER'S BLOCK << is an independent bookseller, publisher, & literacy educator in downtown Las Vegas.

They carry Petite Hound Press and other Nevada literary journals.


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>> 300 DAYS OF SUN << is the official journal of the Nevada State College Humanities Department. They are publishing one issue annually. As of November of 2014, they are working on their third issue. The next reading period will open in May of 2016.

Lit in Miami

>> THE CRAFT MIAMI'S << mission is to contribute to Miami's literary scene. They've set out to create an "underground, DIY-inspired literary movement.” But where are all the writers? Learn more.


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