If we were playing a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, rock would be represented by a simple fist.


We all know what a rock looks like. Some have jagged edges.  Some are made smooth by the relentless flow of water. 


Anyone who has ever hiked or scaled a mountain knows the path can offer perspective. The experience of stepping over stone after stone and testing our bodies against the physical world often leaves us with a renewed sense of purpose. The utter size of rocks, not to mention their longevity, humbles us, so that it becomes impossible to ascend a mountain without being filled with a sense of awe.


Rocks as symbols are used frequently in literature and religion—they can represent the strength and stability that great empires were built upon, the immovable force that anchors lost souls, or the journey of the spirit into eternity. We use stones to mark graves, as archways through which the spirit is transported, to build structures often associated with the divine, and also homes that offer a place of rest for the living. Stonehenge, one of the world’s best known stone structures, is believed by many to have served as an ancient burial site.


Back to our game of Rock-Paper-Scissors—we could say ISSUE 20 of Petite Hound Press is less concerned with what our fist represents (although symbolism undeniably fascinates us) than we are with its intent.


Sue Chenette’s poem opens with a supplication: “oh rock,” and continues with a pronouncement of intent, while Hiram Ramos’s monochromatic image leads us knowingly up the mountain.

Welcome to ISSUE 20 of Petite Hound Press.


POET Sue Chenette is a classical pianist and a poet. She grew up in northern Wiscconsin and has lived in Toronto since 1972. Her poetry has been published in Canadian literary journals including The Fiddlehead, Descant, The Antigonish Review, CV2,  and The New Quarterly; in the British journal Tears in the Fence; and in the Paris English language journal Upstairs at Duroc. She is an editor for the Canadian poetry press Brick Books, and the author of two full-length collections: Slender Human Weight (Guernica Editions, 2009) and The Bones of His Being (Guernica Editions, 2012).  


PHOTOGRAPHER Hiram Ramos is a Cuban-American photographer, writer and world traveler. He's made it his goal to wander the world and document the beauty that exists in every corner of the Earth no matter how mundane or magnificent. He has been to 30 countries in his quest and resides in New Jersey between adventures.

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