POET KEVIN CASEY's work is forthcoming or has recently appeared in Paper Nautilus, Rust + Moth, San Pedro River Review, decomP, and other publications.  His new chapbook “The wind considers everything --” was recently published by Flutter Press, and another from Red Dashboard is due out later this year.  For more, visit andwaking.com


WINDY RIDGE POTTERY's wood-fired pots are inspired by the rich global tradition of folk pottery, and grounded in the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin’s Driftless Region. Joe and Christy collaborate with each other, their hand-processed local materials, and their wood-fired kiln in pursuit of functional pots with warmth, depth, and character. The energy and life in their pots emerges from their interpretation on traditional shapes, surfaces, and methods of working. The completion of this cycle comes with sending their pots out into the world with you for everyday use and enjoyment around the kitchen table. Learn more at windyridgepottery.com

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A gallon of water weighs approximately eight pounds. The human brain is 70% water. When water freezes, it expands by 9%. A jellyfish is 95% water, same as a cucumber.


Petite Hound Press is based out of Miami and Las Vegas. The sea level in Miami is rising. The average annual rainfall is 61.9 inches. Of course, the rain has nothing to do with the rising sea level, but it adds to the flooding during the full moon. In Las Vegas, the average annual rainfall over the past 30 years has been 4.19 inches, that’s 89% less than the national average, and 54% less than the average in Nevada. In our nightmares, Leti is sinking and Heather is dying of thirst.


Water is not only essential to our survival; it’s fascinating. Nerd out with us for a moment. In the constellation of Leo, 33 light-years from earth, lies an exoplanet called Gliese 436 b, believed to embody exotic states of water that cause its surface to be covered in burning ice. Sounds sexy enough, but with extreme surface temperatures of 570 F, Gliese 436 b is actually quite deadly.


Kevin Casey’s lines of poetry open with a threat: “I’ve got some bad news.” The first time we read it, we were certain he was describing one of our nightmares. The helplessness of drowning is immediate. Metaphorically, most of us can relate: the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage, “the sea floor fracturing,” the inevitable experience of loss.


Joe and Christy Cole’s pottery conjures a calmer image, one of steeped tea leaves and herbs, of wellness, of a carefully crafted vessel. The vessel is a body. Our bodies are, largely, water. Therefore, water brings us home. Welcome to ISSUE 37 of Petite Hound Press.


Note: Kevin Casey's lines of poetry were first published by Grasslimb. 




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