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We think of shadows as dark places, but shadows can also provide a space for repose and shelter. The Tao describes light and dark as a dynamic construct—inseparable from one another. Visually, we need both light and shadow to assess depth perception and distance. 


Alternately, shadows can close in on us and create confines where once there was only light. Who does not remember The Lion King’s Mufasa instructing a young Simba to keep away from the dark—to explore “everything the light touches.” 


But what about the place of shadows?  


In Jungian psychology, the shadow aspect refers to a dormant or unconscious aspect of the personality—a dark space within the self that cannot be readily accessed. Helen Vivienn Fletcher’s poem brings us to one such place: "The fence cast a shadow and my silhouette is in jail."


ISSUE 35 delivers us into the shadows in order to shed light on the once imprisoned and repressed.  Doing so initially floods the senses with a barrage of stimuli, but eventually we overcome the chaos: "Overhead, waves rush. The growling of a beast. A faded moan. I think of your voice."


Oftentimes we find our way through the discovery of a single scent, a specific touch, or in this case, a familiar sound, "your voice."


Welcome to ISSUE 35 of Petite Houne Press.




POET Helen Vivienne Fletcher’s poetry has appeared in online and print publications. She has recently turned her hand to writing for the stage with her first play How to Catch a Grim Reaper. She also writes for children, and is a previous recipient of the WCBA New Pacific Studios residency. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand where she teaches after school creative writing classes for children.


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RESIDENT ARTIST Letisia Cruz is a Cuban-American writer and illustrator. She is enthralled by nature and the acute connection to form associated with ink illustration. Her visual vocabulary emerges through this focus and subsequently explores the connection between man and nature. She is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MFA program and currently lives in Miami, FL. She serves as an Online Poetry TLR SHARE Editor at The Literary Review. Her writing and artwork have appeared in Gulf Stream, Moko Caribbean Arts and Letters, BODY Literature, The Scrambler, and Ink Brick.

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